We’re Back!!!!

*sings* “Guess who’s back, back again”

Omg, shut the front door, The Missions are back!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a blog post, I actually don’t know where to start.

Let me see. We’ve added to the Mission family, in the shape of two beautiful little people.

Missy Mission is a whole 4 and she is the most perfect little dancing drama queen ever.

Then there’s Messy Mission, our beautiful baby bear, who is 2 going on 10.

How do they grow up so fast?

Obviously you’ll remember Teenage Mission and Drama Mission.

Well they’re both off living their dreams, Teenage Mission (who is now a man, no honestly he has real facial hair and everything ) he is living the dream, being a geek and playing with computers all day.

Drama, well she’s taken life by the balls and is dancing her way through dance college. She’s met some pretty amazing friends and of loving life.

Then there’s Princess and Monster Mission.

These two, well let’s just say have the best love/hate relationship ever. It’s a sibling thing, one minute they’re playing Minecraft story mode, the next they’re arguing over a bloody bouncy ball.

And lastly Me and Daddy.

Well we are still whinging our way through parenthood. Trying to find the best ways the parent our little/big people. I’ve managed to write a few children’s stories, in between the washing and the ironing (because that’s a full time job in our house).

My sister always jokes at how she can’t quite believe that I am a mum of 6 amazing kids, but I fail to keep a basic houseplant alive.

Well you can’t feed houseplants biscuits can you.

Right so that’s the update. I hope you haven’t missed us too much, and I really hope you enjoy the mishmash that is our lives. We will be revisiting some old posts, as well as spamming you with all the new stuff. We promise to make you laugh, cry and all the other stuff in between.

Take care and big kisses.

Mummy xx